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Yiddish (yid)

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Language Resources:

1. ELAN Annotated Speech Corpus 1

This resource was created using ELAN. It is a first corpus created to train a Forced Aligner for experimenting with speech technologies for Yiddish.

If you use the following resources, please cite M. Cavar, Damir Cavar, D. Kerler and A. Quilitzsch (2016) as defined above or in the Bibtex references.

GORILLA Resource ID: YID_20160914_010


ISLRN: 441-179-959-607-7

OLAC Metadata: XML File

CMDI Metadata: XML File

2. Espeak module for Yiddish

This resource was created for the use in Espeak. It is used for automatic alignment in Praat for Yiddish.

GORILLA Resource ID: YID_20170121_001



OLAC Metadata: XML File

CMDI Metadata: XML File

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