About the GORILLA Infrastructure

GORILLA stands for Global Open Resources and Information for Language and Linguistic Analysis. The project provides the cyber-infrastructure and a platform to deposit and disseminate language information and resources of various types, for example:

To support GORILLA and the related activities, consider donating to The LINGUIST List.

The GORILLA infrastructure is not specialized on any language group or linguistic domain. It is an open platform to safely store and share language resources and technologies. It also provides services to transform, annotate and generate linguistic data and analytical resources for specific languages or from primary data that contributors provide. It serves the global linguistic and language technology community with its infrastructure providing archiving and web-based access to free and open language resources using free, standardized, and interoperable markup and annotation technologies. The GORILLA team is specialized on general linguistics, specific languages, corpus and computational approaches to language documentation and analysis, and speech and language technology. The GORILLA team will be happy to provide consulting, data preparation, and technology related services to all interested parties. Best practice documentation can be found on GORILLA Documentation pages.

GORILLA can be integrated in a Data Management Plan and it can serve as an archiving institution. It can serve you also with technical support and consulting for data preparation and annotation. The GORILLA instrastructure and teams can help you with the development of speech and language processing technologies. Please contact GORILLA for more details on the services it provides.

The GORILLA infrastructure is supported by numerous volunteers and donors worldwide. Please donate to GORILLA your freely available and CC-licensed language resources (e.g. recordings, corpora, dictionaries) or support its work with tax deductible donations or by participating in different crowdfunding activities for specific language resources. See our contribution policies for more details.

The data on this site and in the GORILLA infrastructure and repository is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license.

Creative Commons License
Data in the Global Open Resources and Information for Language and Linguistic Analysis (GORILLA) Repository and Infrastructure by gorilla.linguistlist.org is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

GORILLA is a collaborative project between the Department of Linguistics, The LINGUIST List, and the Archive of Traditional Music hosted at Indiana University in Bloomington. It was made possible by many cooperation partners and volunteers.

The GORILLA Infrastructure emerged as a project from an NSF funded research grant and various meetings with colleagues from all over the world. The NSF-grant #1244713 (AARDVARC) served as platform to work out concepts and strategies for a new form of archive for digital language resources that makes use of advanced technologies for audio and video annotation, and corpus and language data processing. We are in particular grateful for the collaboration, help and input from the AARDVARC project partners: Helen Aristar Dry, Anthony Aristar, and Doug Whalen. GORILLA as such was and is not sponsored by the NSF. It is supported by Indiana University and its institutions and faculty, as well as worldwide supporters and sponsors.